Winter Adventure Pt.1

It’s 12:48am on January 3,2016 and I am currently unable to sleep on the coach bus we’re taking to JFK Airport. I’m going with the Catholic Center at my school on a mission trip to Nicaragua where we will be tearing down and rebuilding a playground and helping out in orphanages with severely disabled children. No, I’m not very religious, not at all actually, but I still thought that there was no way I could pass up this chance.

I believe in God, but I also think I just use that believe as support for everything that ever happens to me. It all “happens for a reason,” everything is “meant to be.” It’s one of my many mechanisms for getting over things and trying to be as happy as I can under any circumstances, which if you’re anything like me, isn’t easy.

Anyway, I’ve been having a rough couple of months and it’s taken 20 years, but I’ve learned a few things about getting over things and being happy. Sitting here, I figured why not write them down, maybe they’re crazy but they’re helpful for me so why not?

  1. Change it up. Dye your hair, buy clothing that you want but may be out of your comfort zone, and most importantly change your attitude as much as you can possibly bear as often as you can to be positive.
  2. Surround yourself with people who make you so happy that you forget about everything that makes you upset.
  3. Travel as much as you can. Even if it’s just a two hour drive on a whim for a day trip. Nothing makes you feel good like seeing and doing new things.
  4. Don’t forget to be happy for others. I know this is tough, especially when you’re sad yourself, but trust me, seeing someone you love being happy has a special way of making you happy too. Kind of selfish, but true nonetheless.
  5. Lastly, you have to make some wicked playlists. Don’t ever forget how absolutely amazing and unique you are and if someone can’t see that then either they’re just trying to avoid it out of jealousy or it scares them. Nothing and no one will remind you of that like BeyoncĂ©.

Well that’s all, just what I’m thinking about on this drive. Hope this trip can help and maybe someone can get something out of this post other than “who the f is this girl and why is she talking about a bunch of random nothing.”

Nighty-night 🙂